I was first drawn to healthcare facility design in my fifth (and final) year studying architecture at IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal, India. In our fourth year we had just completed a project on the theory behind design thinking, and I was attracted to the complexity of operational and building systems that exist in a modern healthcare facility, leading to complex relationships between the constituent parts (different clinical, inpatient and support departments) that made up the whole.
I used to play chess and bridge fairly well, but once I got involved in this multi-dimensional game of architectural design (especially healthcare design) the attraction of these board and card games paled in comparison. For my Bachelor’s of Architecture thesis I chose to redesign the Hinduja Hospital at Mahim, Mumbai, India and enjoyed myself thoroughly. This enjoyment showed up in the grade, “Ex” for excellent.
That was a long time back and I have a lot of designs for hospitals under my belt since then. In this time I have worked for five organizations solely engaged in the design and construction of healthcare facilities. It’s been a long journey, difficult at times, now I find myself at the age of 60 mentoring other architects projects and pursuing a growing interest in green or sustainable healthcare projects.
I have always been comfortable working with a bed in the room since my college days, but never found much opportunity to do so after that. Now in the twilight of my life I have come full circle, as I am working out of my residence I can lie down now and then and let my mind wander. I get my best design “eureka” moments this way.
I look forward to helping you design your dream healthcare facility in any way I can.

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