Hospital Design Process-Initial Stages-Brief Overview

Hospital Design Process-Initial Stages-Brief Overview Following is a brief description of the initial stages of the hospital design process. • Facility Mix IThe facility mix is a list of the various components of the proposed hospital and is derived from the Detailed Project Report. It will give the number and types of inpatient rooms and […]



Tipping Points Will Be Crossed Faster-Climate Change

The following is an interview of Will Steffen, emeritus professor at the Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University. It is taken from a magazine titled “Down To Earth” an excellent publication of the Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi, India. “Tipping points will be crossed faster” WILL STEFFEN, emeritus professor at […]

Biophilia: An Introduction

Biophilia: An Introduction By Husaini Sadikot—Guest Blogger   There are many reasons why there is and will be in the future a reduction of greenery such as plants and vegetation. One reason is, of course, the desire to make quick money and the profit motive like the cutting down of trees for wood for uses […]


So Many Books, So Little Time

So Many Books, So Little Time   I have been a voracious reader since childhood, done the Enid Blyton’s and then the Alistair MacLean’’s too, until one day browsing in the school library | pulled out from the shelves Part 1 of “The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkein. It was a book that […]

The Long and Short of Lean Design Thinking

The Long Innovation in the AEC Industry: Lean Architecture Lean for Healthcare: An Overview     The Medium An Introduction to Lean Thinking Stakeholder Centric “Lean” Design Process     And the Short Of It What it Takes to Bring Lean Thinking to Healthcare: One Leader’s Candid Reflection Advanced Lean in Healthcare

Proposal for Post Occupancy Evaluation of AHIRC, Mumbai, India

PROPOSAL: Asian Heart Institute & Research Center (AHIRC): Post Occupation Evaluation Study Architectural Design, Facilities Operations & User Satisfaction   EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY The intention of this Post Occupation Evaluation (POE) Study is threefold, as follows: To determine the ‘fit’ between architectural design intention and the resultant patterns of human activity as influenced by the physical […]

About Water

About Water: Its Usage, and Conservation in Healthcare Facilities By Husaini Sadikot – My Cousin and Guest Blogger Uses of water include agricultural (i.e. watering of farm or other plants or irrigation) which uses about 70% of all water usage, industrial 22%, household about 8%, recreational and environment activity uses less water than above. Of […]



The Planning Grid: Creating a Framework for Design

The Planning Grid: Creating a Framework for Design   A Planning Grid is an overlay of lines usually represented by a ‘long dash-dot-long dash-dot’ (they need not necessarily be horizontal and vertical, but often are) and is a design tool used by us architects to create some kind of order on what is otherwise a […]

Healthcare Architecture and the Green Tao

Healthcare Architecture and the Green Tao (Path) “If you wish to sustain your body in good health, take care of the world. Your body is part of the world; so you cannot abuse the world, and still expect your body to remain well. By treating the world well, you can be at peace with it. […]


Lean Design in Healthcare / Healthcare Facility Planning

Lean Design in Healthcare / Healthcare Facility Planning Husaini Sadikot Lean production can be described as a group of highly efficient manufacturing techniques developed (mainly by large Japanese companies like Toyota) in the 1980s and early 1990s. Lean production was seen as the third step in a historical progression, which took industry from the age […]