Healthcare Management Services

Healthcare Management Consulting Services

“We have the opportunity to build a future where hospitals are as much associated with health as they are with sickness, more closely aligned in the minds of our patients with the joy of living than the fear of dying,”

AHA (American Hospital Association) President and CEO Rick Pollack.                                               images (1)

Market Assessment and Survey Reports

  • Market Survey is done to check the viability of the project. At the proposed site all the
    healthcare facilities are studied and a Gap analysis is done, based on which strategic
    recommendations are given.

Need Assessment and Project Conceptualization

  • Need assessment is done to ascertain the demand and supply in the given area.
    A project concept note is made which essentially describes the framework for the
    proposed venture including facility mix, bed mix, specialty mix, location and expansion
    plan, space program and built-up area. This is arrived through a situation analysis, stakeholders’ analysis and the proposed change/result.


Business Plans

  • Preparing high-level business plan or a detailed robust Business plan which gives a
    complete picture of business including financial model which includes Capex, Opex,
    P&L, Ratio analysis, Sensitivity analysis, based on market research, industry benchmarks
    and the operational plan.

Due Diligence:

  • Safeguard the interests of the lenders (banker/financial institution/investor/ PE) Ensure
    that the risk of the lender is minimized by monitoring a project. This will detail the commercial
    and operational due diligence.

Technical and Evaluation Studies:                                                                           images (3)

  • A Techno Economic Viability Study & Feasibility report provides appraisal & validation of technological parameters of a project and its impact on the financial viability of project of an existing business plan.

New Project Commissioning:

  • Commissioning covers the entire gamut of services required for starting the healthcare facility right from guiding on all permissions and statutory requirements to hand holding through the implementation.
  • Manpower planning, job descriptions & personnel policies manual.
  • Preparing Standard Operating procedures for all key clinical and support departments based on accreditation standards.
  • To prepare tariff structure for all services along with HIS vendors.
    Assistance in selecting the right vendor and right HIS and coordination in the implementation
    process of same.


Accreditations:                                                                                                               images (5)

Accreditation process is implementing the standards as a framework by which organizational processes will be improved and patients will receive better care. We have NABH, JCI and ISO assessors on board who can hand hold or assist in getting accreditation done for Healthcare organizations. Services include:

  • Documentation review: Assessment of existing policies, standard operating procedures, processes and infrastructure compliances with NABL /NABH/JCI standards across all functional areas.
  • Detailed Gap Analysis Report (of compliances and non-compliances) and roadmap with implementable suggestions.
  • Guidance and assistance in drafting the Standard Operating Procedure for functional
    areas compliances with the JCI, NABL & NABH standards.
  • Assistance in forming different committees within the healthcare sector as per the standards.
  • Plan training program for various staff, by making a training calendar. Training of trainers;
    that is training key trainers identified by the hospital and laboratory and ensure continual
    monitoring post training.
  • Conducting Internal Audit and preparation of the Internal Audit report
  • Assisting for the closure of Internal Audit NCs
  • Provides assistance for the application to the accrediting agencies
  • Assisting in the Closure of Pre-assessment NCs
  • Submission of NC closure and preparation for final assessment
  • Submission of NC closures of final assessment.


 Organizational Assessment:                                                                           images (2)

  • Infrastructure, operations and quality audits to understand Gaps as per industry benchmarks and quality guidelines for both operational and infrastructural parameters. It is primarily conducted to assess the current status.
  • Also includes the Performance gap assessment of the existing facilities – productivity and revenue and benchmarking it with the industry standards.
  • Departmental analysis in terms of infrastructure adequacy with respect to space, technology and manpower and we undertake a preliminary audit based on weighted average rating matrix.
  • Assessment of the organizational hierarchical structure and controls.
  • Assessment of use of technology/solutions and Information flow.
  • Service mix review.
  • Discussion with consumers to understand the service delivery.
  • From all above information a comprehensive Organizational assessment report is made.


Business process reengineering (BPR):                     download

  • BPR is basically radical redesigning of the processes after thorough analysis of the existing systems, policies, infrastructure and technology.
  • BPR aims at re-modeling of all business process for performance improvement, Increased business opportunities, Cost reduction including activity cost, inventory cost etc.
  • Idea behind this is to optimize resource utilization and reduce process cycle time to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Business process integration

Hospital information System Consultancy

  • Formulating functional /business process specification for the systems to be adopted.
    This is done in interaction with the key stakeholders keeping the business rules in mind.
  • Assistance in HMIS selection, and customization as per the business process requirements.
  • Ensuring that the HMIS selected should have meaningful use within the hospital and there
    should not be any redundancies.
  • We also provide assistance in training, and implementation of IT solutions.

Public Health Consulting                                                                                                  images

Advisory support

  • Quality Accreditation Consultancy / Hospital Audits‐Situational Analysis of the Health facility (for Manpower, Equipment and Infrastructure).
  • Establishing Health resource Centre.
  • Assistance to Unilateral Agencies like WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA,
  • European Commission etc.‐Technical

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Support for Operations and Monitoring and Evaluation of the Partnership
  • Support to make the Health facility operational.
  • Technical Assistance Services in Health Programme Implementation
    Hand holding support to sustain the quality.
  • Monitoring & Evaluations for‐Health Programs
  • Survey & Research‐Health Surveys (malnutrition / vaccination / various health conditions) ‐Health Intervention relevant to the Health Problem (nutrition supplements / treatment etc) ‐Pre and Post Evaluation of the Health Intervention


Execution support

  • Preparation and Implementation of the ‘To Be Processes ’
  • Analysis of Government and Private players and developing feasible financial models.
  • Health Schemes ‐Health Intervention


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